Do you need a website and are not sure where to begin? Maybe you just need some help with that computer that seems to run slower every day. If you are looking for a solution to your technology problems, I am here to help.

CDWTechSolutions exists to help make technology work for you.

Technology is great! Our cell phones, computers, and the Internet all exist to help us to be more connected and to do things more efficiently. But when they don’t work correctly, it really slows us down. Sometimes we just need an expert to fix the problem so we can get back to what we do best. Unfortunately, not everyone has an IT Department or is best friends with someone who can help out.

This is where I hope that I can help you out. I want to help you to find the right technology solutions that will work for you at a price that you can afford.

Here is a list of services that I offer:

  • Websites – Domains, Hosting, Design, and Maintenance
  • Computer Troubleshooting, Repair, and Replacement. (PC and Apple)
  • Local Wired and Wireless Networking
  • New hardware setup
  • New software installation
  • Help with Cell Phone and Internet Service Plans
  • General IT Consulting for personal or small business

I operate out of Hamilton, Ohio and offer my services in the local area. If you think that I could be of assistance, please contact me and make an appointment.

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